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The Department of Interior Design at Chung Yuan Christian University was established in 1985 as the first university interior design department in Taiwan, and it has been 37 years since (2022), training numerous talents for the interior design industry in Taiwan.
In 1993, the Institute of Interior Design, the first of its kind in Taiwan, was established to nurture advanced talents.
In 1999, the School of Design established a master's degree program to recruit the best and brightest in the industry to return to study, cultivating high-level design talents with both professional ability and humanistic qualities.
In 2004, the School of Design established a doctoral program in design to cultivate design research talents from a cross-disciplinary design perspective.
In 2019, Professor Li-Yu Chen took over as the department chair, and is committed to nurturing design professionals who are "caring, thoughtful, hands-on, and global in outlook", with six core competencies as the goal. The six core competencies are: (1) the ability of sustainable care and innovation; (2) the ability of design theory development; (3) the ability of design practice implementation; (4) the ability of interior architecture and specification application; (5) the ability of interior material and product application; and (6) the ability of communication and expression.


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