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IDEF 2022
Interior DesignEducation Forum

Innovation in Revolution                          July 1, 2022   Taoyuan ,TAIWAN

2022 室內設計教育國際論壇              桃園中壢  中原大學

變革 永續 創新   

Origin of the forum

Interior design education has been developed in the West for over a century. Since 1985, when the Department of Interior Design was established at Chung Yuan Christian University, formal interior design education in Taiwan has been in place for 37 years. As of today, there are more than 20 interior design related departments in Taiwan universities, training 1,500 students each year.


In the face of the changing needs of environmental issues and the rapid development of technology, can the curriculum planning and teaching mode of interior design education in Taiwan meet the professional competencies required by talents and enable students to seamlessly connect with the needs of employment after graduation? It has become an urgent issue to be explored and solutions should be sought.


The forum will invite scholars from universities in Bangladesh,Indonesia,China, and Taiwan to give keynote speeches, and the chairs of interior design departments in universities will participate in the chairs' roundtable to discuss the professional competency, curriculum planning, teaching design, teaching materials and pedagogy, learning assessment, and other related topics of interior design. University faculty and industry experts are welcome to discuss the following courses in small groups: basic design (design fundamentals), design graphics, materials and construction, and design studio.


TThe forum is convened by the Department of Interior Design, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, and co-organized by the Program of PhD. in Design, Department of Architecture, and Department of Commercial Design.

室內設計教育發展在西方已有百年歷史, 台灣正式的室內設計教育,自1985年中原大學成立室內設計學系,至今已有37年,目前台灣室內設計相關學系已有20所,每年培養學生1500名。面對環境空間的需求變化及科技日新月異發展,室內設計課程規劃與教學模式,是否能培養所需的專業能力,畢業後能滿足職場工作要求?就成為當前亟待探討的課題。





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