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Call for Papers

Papers are invited from now on, and the topics include the following (but not limited to)

1. professional competence

2.curriculum planning (basic design, color schemes, design drawing, material and construction, or others)

3. teaching materials and teaching methods

4. studio teaching

5. learning assessment

6. professional practice

7. Sustainability

8. universal design

9. design project

10. others



  1. 專業能力

  2. 課程規劃

  3. 教材與教法

  4. 工作室教學

  5. 學習成效評量

  6. 專業實習

  7. 綠色永續

  8. 友善通用

  9. 設計創作

  10. 其他

  11. 其他

● The paper must use Chinese or English manuscripts  
● Online submission:
The file should be uploaded in word format only, and the full text should not exceed 10 pages.  
● Submission: Submission form, authorization letter, and proof of payment (to be uploaded together with the online submission).
● Online submission deadline: May 14, 2022
● Announcement of review results: May 31, 2022
● Registration fee: NT$2,000
*The fee includes review fee, editorial fee, e-book, publication certificate, and souvenir (excluding co-author participation fee).

*If the paper is not approved, the application fee will be refunded in the amount of NT$1,500.

Payment method: Payment by transfer
Bank code: 700 
Account Number: 0281123 0238653
Account Name: Department of Interior Design, Chung Yuan Christian University
*Please email to confirm the account before international remittance

● 論文文字:接受中文、英文稿件
● 線上投稿:
檔案上傳限 word 格式、全文不超過10頁為原則  
● 繳交資料:投稿報名表、授權同意書、繳費證明/憑證(於線上投稿時一併上傳)。
● 線上投稿截止: 2022 年 5 月 14 日
● 審查結果公告: 2022 年 5 月 31 日
● 報名費:新台幣 2,000元

***論文如經審查不通過,則退還報名費新台幣 1,500元。

帳號:0281123 0238653
戶名:中原大學室內設計系 陳歷渝

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